Calgary Air Conditioner repair

Your home’s resale value is contingent upon many factors. Although many people renovate their bathrooms and kitchen in anticipation of selling their home at the highest price, many forget about their HVAC systems, especially the AC.

If you are planning to sell your home, here are some ways your air conditioning system can raise your home’s resale value.

When to Buy a New AC in Calgary

An AC system is considered old when you have been using it for about 10 years. Many of its components will have experienced wear and tear, and it will not be able to function at its peak performance. In this case, it may not be able to filter your air or keep your house cool economically. It may also prevent your home’s value from reaching its fullest potential.

Buying a new AC is a good idea in this case, but you need to consider some factors first.

Costly ACs Aren’t Always Better

There is a limit to how much your house will appreciate after every renovation. That means that even if you make huge, costly renovations to your home, your house’s value will only increase a certain amount. Therefore, before buying a very fancy air conditioning system, keep in mind how much it will contribute towards your house’s appraisal and whether it is worth the cost.

Your Neighborhood

You should also take into account your neighborhood. A new and improved AC may increase the value of your house so much that potential buyers may be unable to afford it and may simply skip your house because it is beyond their price range. This means that eventually, you will have to lower the price of your home to sell it and lose money on your investment.

Should I Replace the Entire AC Unit or Certain Parts?

When it comes to selling your home, you may be wondering if it is okay to sell your entire AC or replace a few of its components. This depends on the following factors:

The Age of the AC

If your air conditioning unit is more than 15 years old, fixing it does not make sense as it will not be enough to grab the buyers’ attention. It will be better if you buy a new AC to sell with your home.


If you like the warmth and do not use your AC a few times during the year, then you can probably get away with replacing only a few worn-out components of your AC.

$5000 Rule

A good way to find out whether your AC should be replaced or simply fixed is to multiply the age of your AC by its estimated repair cost. If the product equals $5,000 or more, you should replace the whole unit.

An AC can increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars, but only if you consider all the factors. If you need to repair or buy a new air conditioner in Calgary, Air Conditioner Calgary can help you do that. Call us at 587-437-3308, and we will send our technician to your home to assess your AC and determine if you need a new AC or if it will become good as new with some repairs.