Do You Want to Install a Split Air Conditioner? Here’s How You Can Prepare For One

Air Conditioner Installs Calgary

So your air conditioner finally bit the dust, and now you want to buy a new AC in Calgary. The next important thing you need to consider is how it will be installed.

As the owner of your home, your role is important in preparing a space for your new air conditioner. Here are some of the things you need to consider.


Before the AC installation technicians arrive, you need to decide where to place your indoor and outdoor AC units.

The indoor unit needs to be placed where it can easily distribute air throughout the entire area without any obstructions. It also needs to be mounted about 8 feet from the floor but should be easily reachable for cleaning.

The outdoor unit needs to be placed in an open space which facilitates airflow. This will allow heat to be emitted freely and prevent it from being trapped in one place.


Make sure your wall is strong enough to support the AC. Never use false walls or uneven surfaces to install your AC as that can result in dangerous accidents. Apart from injury, it will cost you extra if you need to have it repaired because of the fall.


There should be ample space between the wall and your indoor AC unit to facilitate proper airflow. Experts recommend at least 15 centimeters of space at the top and sides of the AC so that air can flow smoothly and unencumbered.


If you want to make your AC perform more efficiently, make sure the distance between the outdoor and indoor unit is minimized. This will allow a faster flow of the AC’s refrigerant. The indoor and outdoor units should not be away from each other by more than 15 meters; otherwise, your AC will take a lot longer to cool your room.

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