Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Repair an Air Conditioner on Your Own

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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Repair an Air Conditioner on Your Own

We are well into the month of May, which means we will have to crank up air conditioners in Calgary real soon. All ACs need some maintenance after languishing in the winter. Some homeowners, who are concerned about the cost, often decide to use the DIY approach for repairs on their AC. Although this may sound practical and convenient, it can result in more costly damage.


Here is why you need to get professional help to deal with your AC.



Air conditioners are highly technical appliances which run on a high amount of electricity. This level of voltage can be life-threatening to people who may not have enough skill or experience. The refrigerant gas, Freon, used in AC can cause respiratory problems, organ damage and, in case of severe exposure, death. Only qualified professionals are equipped to handle HVAC appliances.


Lack of Proper Equipment

Professional AC technicians have a lot of special tools that are unique for the business. Most homeowners do not usually have these tools, but they are very essential when it comes to identifying AC issues and fixing them. Not using the right tools can sometimes damage your system.



All ACs come with a warranty of up to 20 years. However, this warranty can become void if your air conditioner is not maintained periodically by a certified technician. For you, that means thousands of dollars wasted.


Incorrect Diagnosis

What may seem like a small and simple problem for homeowners may actually be a sign of a bigger problem that you may have been unable to detect. Making a wrong diagnosis can make the problem even bigger and can result in more risky outcomes.



Many people try to fix their own ACs in an effort to save time in scheduling a visit from a technician. However, it may take unskilled people hours to figure out the problem and more time to fix them properly.


When it comes to having your AC repaired, it is best not to do it yourself. Maintaining your AC takes more than a YouTube video. Call us at 587.437.3308 if you want to fix air conditioners in Calgary. We will give you the best value for your money.