How Buying an AC can Help the Air Quality

Air conditioning indoor unit Calgary

Your air conditioner isn’t just an appliance that keeps your home cool. These days, air conditioner help control indoor air quality (IAQ) as well, which is an estimate of the cleanliness of air, temperature control, humidity and odor in your home.

Poor indoor air quality can negatively affect your health as well as your wallet. So we suggest you to buy a high-efficiency AC, you can keep the air clean.


It is essential that you change your AC filters at the beginning of the heating or cooling seasons. In fact, it is even better if you change them once every 3 months.

Your AC filter helps keep out pathogens like pollen, bacteria and spores and other airborne microbes that can cause health issues and musty odors. A dirty filter can clog the airflow, which will make your AC work harder, overheat and spike your energy and maintenance bills. Therefore, to keep your home’s air quality good, change your filters periodically.

High SEER:

A common term in the HVAC sector is SEER, which stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. To maintain good indoor air quality, you need to achieve a cool room temperature, and air circulation for every dollar spent. Higher efficiency ACs come with variable speed modes that can adjust the amount of airflow and cooling so that you have optimal indoor air quality.


High levels of humidity can cause your home to feel hotter than it actually is, which can result in you cranking up your cooling systems and increasing energy bills. Additionally, humidity can also cause mold to grow indoors, which can result in allergies and other health issues. Your AC can help remove the moist, excessively humid air from your home and improve the air inside.

Your air conditioner can provide good quality air for several years, if your appliance is of good quality, is installed properly and is maintained with care. Contact us at 403-474-5443  so we can ensure the air you get is clean, fresh and cool.