How to Reduce Your Electricity Bill With Your Air Conditioner

Energy efficient ac

In summers, thanks to the sweltering temperature, you absolutely need to have air conditioning in Calgary. However, usually, this is also accompanied by skyrocketing electricity bills.

Here are some ways you can save electricity by using your air conditioner smartly:

1. Setting a Slightly Higher Temperature

Did you know that setting the air conditioner on a very low temperature makes your AC work double-time and hence increases your electricity bill? Many people set their temperature at 21 degrees or even lower when using their AC in Calgary. However, setting it a little higher between 23 and 26 degrees can still be quite cool and comfortable and help save electricity as well.

2. Only Cool Rooms Which You Use

If you own a split air conditioner in Calgary, turn off the ones in the rooms that are not occupied by people. If you have central air conditioning, use the zoning option to cool rooms only where you are staying. For example, places like attics and basements are usually not occupied by people, so you can turn off your AC in these places.

3. Buy New AC Units

A major factor in high electricity bills is old, obsolete air conditioning units. Older models have worn down components which do not work as efficiently. Additionally, older ACs have few energy rating stars. The more the stars, the more energy-efficient your AC is and the less electricity it will use. So keep the energy efficiency rating of an AC in mind when you consider buying a new one.

4. Choosing the Right Unit

Homes which have very high ceilings or too many windows are harder to cool. The size of your room determines what size of AC you should buy. Air Conditioner Calgary can help you choose the perfect unit for your home.

5. Keep Yourself Cool

When indoors, wear light-weight and breezy clothes so that you don’t feel hot indoors and feel the need to lower the AC’s temperature. Also, drink lots of water so you don’t get dehydrated.

Just these small precautions can cut down your electricity bill dramatically. Getting an energy-efficient AC in Calgary can also do wonders for not just your utility bills but also the environment. Air Conditioner Calgary can help you find the perfect AC for your home and can install it in no time. To contact us, call us at 587-437-3308 today.