Is Bigger Better When it Comes to ACS?

Calgary air conditioner

With heat waves hitting various parts of Canada, it is imperative that if you have a home with an air conditioner in Calgary, it is working in its peak form. Obviously, if you have an aging air conditioner, it is much better to have it replaced completely.

Most of the time when we are buying an AC, we assume that “bigger is better,” right? However, this isn’t always a great idea. When it comes to cooling systems, size matters, but a too-big air conditioner can be just as inefficient as a too-small air conditioner.

Take a look at why:

Why are Too-Big Air Conditioner Units Bad?

A lot of people are under the misconception that if they have an oversized unit it will keep their homes cool more easily. Although it may certainly do that, it will be at a cost of some other things.

An air conditioner in Calgary works at optimal efficiency through longer operating cycles. When you have an oversized air conditioner, your room will achieve the desired temperature on your thermostat prematurely, even before the AC has a chance to complete a full cooling cycle. The failure to complete a full cycle is known as short-cycling.

Although the term doesn’t sound too threatening, it certainly poses a problem for your air conditioning system. Short-cycling puts a lot of strain on your AC, which not just makes your AC perform inefficiently, it also contributes to quicker wear and tear of the system. Often, the only thing to fix the AC is to buy a new one. This is why we recommend you work closely with an AC technician whenever you are buying a new AC in Calgary.

Causes of Short-Cycling

Unfortunately, an oversized AC is not the only reason your AC can short-cycle. If you notice your air conditioner is short-sizing soon after a new AC has been installed, it may be because it is too big in size. However, if the problem starts several months after installation, the cause might be something totally different. The best thing you can do is to call us and have your AC checked out.

Issues with Undersized AC

Just as oversized ACs aren’t a great idea, undersized ACs also come with their own problems. A too-small AC won’t be able to keep your room cool efficiently and it will require the system to work harder, resulting in break and tear. Because of this, you may also experience a rise in your electricity bills.

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