The Best Temperature For Reverse Cycle Cooling

Best temp ac calgary

Although Calgary is blessed with relatively mild summers, it can become quite humid and balmy in June through August. When this happens, it becomes hard to keep cool and you constantly have to adjust your air conditioner in Calgary to achieve your desired temperature. Moreover, you need to do this without busting your bank.

That’s why a reverse cycle air conditioner is a must-have for your home.

What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner?

A reverse cycle air conditioner cools your home in the summer and keeps it warm in the winter with a single efficient unit.

Provides Cooling in Summer

Reverse cycle air conditioners come with a cooling mode which works on a highly energy-efficient system. The unit absorbs warm air from inside the house and expels its outside, leaving your home cool. They have the ability to cool your home in extreme hot weather up to 46 degrees Celsius, so you have no need of cumbersome fans.

Provides Warmth in Winter

A reverse cycle air conditioner doesn’t create heat; instead, it absorbs heat from the outside and warms the air inside the house, creating a more energy efficient technique. A refrigerant absorbs heat from the outside and then uses a compressor and fan coil to release warm air inside your home.

Best Temperature for Reverse Cycle Cooling

The best temperature is around 22-24 degrees Celsius inside the home. This temperature is considered the healthiest indoor temperature for the entire year. This may fluctuate depending on individuals of different ages. For example, infants, the elderly, and sick people may require a slightly warmer temperature than this. Then, there are some people who feel warm all the time and find normal temperatures too hot.


When trying to achieve the best temperature for your air conditioner in Calgary, you first need to determine the level of comfort your family prefers and how cool or warm your house needs to be.

If you believe that your reverse cycle air conditioner is not keeping your home at a perfect temperature, you can call Air Conditioner Calgary to get your air conditioner repaired. We can also recommend a number of new air conditioners in Calgary. You can choose one of our maintenance packages or buy a new air conditioner to ensure your system works efficiently throughout the year. You can reach us at 587-437-3308.