Types of Air Conditioners – Which is Right For You?

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Nothing can be as uncomfortable as a summer without an air conditioner in Calgary. It is time that you get your air conditioning unit, and we are here to guide you on the best types of air conditioners that you can buy.

Split System Air Conditioning:

These air conditioners are designed to be placed in different areas of your home and cool a smaller portion of your house. With this system, the evaporator coil is installed inside the house, which removes the heat and humidity from the air. The outside unit contains the compressor, which pumps refrigerant and the condenser coil, which expels heat outside.

Benefits of Split Systems

  • A split system air conditioner in Calgary is much more economical than other types of air conditioning units as they are only switched on when you are in the room. Therefore, they consume less energy.
  • The second advantage is that you have the choice to select the rooms you want to air condition. This means you don’t have to waste money on air conditioning areas like the attic where people don’t spend much time.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning:

These types of air conditioners are a good choice for houses that do not have ductwork. This type of air conditioner allows you to run multiple indoor units with a single outside compressor. As a result, you can regulate the temperature of each individual room as these ACs control the flow of air independently in each room.

One major drawback of this type of air conditioner is the cost. If you want to condition your entire house, multi-split air conditioners can cost 30% more than ducted air conditioning systems.

Benefits of Multi-Split Systems

  • You can choose up to 5 indoor units with a single outdoor unit
  • Lets you individually control the temperature of each room

Ducted Central Air Conditioning System:

This system combines the compressor, condenser, and evaporator coil in a single unit. This type of AC is placed discreetly in places like the roof of the house. Ducts running through the roof or the exterior walls draw the warm air from inside the house and blow in cool air.

Benefits of Ducted AC Systems

  • The system is virtually invisible and you can only see the controller and its grilles inside your home.
  • Ducted air conditioning is less costly than multi-split air conditioning
  • It zone-controls temperature and maximizes energy efficiency


At Air Conditioner Calgary, installing and repairing air conditioners is what we do. So whether you want to cool just a couple of rooms in your house or climate-control your whole home, you can buy a new AC in Calgary from us.